Saturday, 22 December 2012

3 Easy Ways on How to Apply Foundation

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Hye. Here, I will show you some tips I usually do when applying my foundation. 

First of all, before you applying the foundation, make sure you mix it in a small amount of moisturiser so that the texture becomes less sticky. Less sticky --> easier for you to evenly apply to your face.

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Here I used Colorstay Foundation by Revlon & Oil Balancing Moisturiser by Simple. You can read my review about the great Colorstay Foundation HERE.

The tools that I used to apply the foundation are:
1. Brush

2. Sponge

3. My fingers
For fingers, no need to attach picture isnt it? You can just simply imagine on how I used my fingers to apply the foundation. Hee


❤~Emma Abduh~❤ said...

waaa..nice entry..tnx for sharing!hihi

syafiqakarim said...

tak reti mekap :|

Sheera Aya said...

hee.. lama lama reti la tu :)

✿A I N A A✿ said...

ena reti mekup yg simple2 je.. letak bedak compac, eye liner, lips bumb.. hukhuk

Sheera Aya said...

@✿A I N A A✿ yg simple more natural kan. lagi cantik sbnrnye :)

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