Monday, 3 December 2012

9 Easy Ways to Save Fuel and Help Environment

Hey. Today's info: Fuel saving Tips. So, here, i just wanted to share some tips recommended by Volkswagen.

Drive calmly and smoothly, apply the brake less, cruise along with the traffic, let your vehicle roll and use its momentum.

Manual Gearbox: When starting off, engage second gear once the vehicle has moved through its own length. And feel free to skip a gear when changing up if the traffic situation permits. Always select the highest gear possible when cruising along in traffic.
Automatic Gearbox: Avoid the kickdown feature and take your foot briefly off the accelerator. The automatic will then shift to the next higher gear and save you fuel.

Overrun fuel cutoff interrupts the fuel supply to the engine and during that time you won’t use a single drop of fuel. The best time to apply this clever method is when you can also benefit from the braking effect of the engine – i.e. on a downhill gradient or when approaching a red traffic light.

Reduce the temperature (and fuel consumption) by airing the vehicle before your journey and driving off with the windows open for a short time to let the heat escape. 

Start saving fuel even before you set off – simply by checking your tyre pressures! Rolling resistance can account for up to 15 % of overall fuel consumption. If you have inflated your tyres to the recommended tyre pressures for a full load (the figures will be found on the fuel filler flap), rolling resistance will be lower – and consequently consumption, too.

Your engine uses most fuel when cold. In effect this means that if you often make very short trips your fuel consumption could soon be as high as 30 litre/100 km! While we’re on the subject, let’s clear up another myth: leaving the engine running to warm it up does not reduce consumption – it increases it, is technically unnecessary and is even against the law. So think twice before making that trip and save fuel!

Low-viscosity oils are unbeatable in this respect. They can cut fuel consumption by up to 5 % compared with conventional oils.

A good aerodynamic shape is the key to low fuel consumption, particularly at high speeds.

Every kilo of luggage costs you fuel. To be precise: a weight of 100 kg can increase fuel consumption by up to 0.3 l/100 km. So inspect the contents of your luggage compartment on a regular basis.  
Saving money and saving the environment. Click here for more info. Bye2. (✿◠‿◠)


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