Saturday, 22 December 2012

GiveAway #1 : NEW YEAR Giveaway

Wanted to join? Click banner. Due: 00:00 on December 31, 2012
 My review on this GA? The conditions stated, emm, really scared me so much. Hehe. So, to prove that I really fulfill all of the conditions given, here the details:
Youtube Name: Sheera Aya
and I've put the banner*backlink on my right sidebar. 
Sharing this in my G+ also

Tag two other bloggers in this segment:

Why I should win this Giveaway?
Because I really really put my effort to done all the steps eventhough I've to write this entry with only one hand. The other hand? *buai anak sedara. 
Besides, i know well your sponsor,  BUTIK PINKKU, cause im actually one of their previous customer.
3rd one, I love free items. Make me feel so happy and blast and of course you're happy too cause like peribahasa said: " tangan yangg memberi lebih baik daripada yang menerima"  ^_^ 


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